You know what’s cool. This whole blog was set up as an accountability device for my Ironman in 2012. Been there and finished that…and got the tattoo. So, I find it fascinating that people are still signing up to follow this. One of my favorite things it to review stats and see someone starting from the beginning and reading the entire blog. It’s quite a journey.

Last night Kat, Sho, Keith, and Steve took me to St. Emillion here in Fort Worth to cheer me up. Mostly it was for Katherine’s birthday, but I choose to make myself the center of attention most times. Anyway, it was great. First, I had never been to the restaurant which is pretty well known here and has been around for quite a while, apparently. It’s French cuisine. Wow, it was really fantastic. I had the cabbage and potato soup- good but heavy and the rack of lamb. Man that was amazing.

I just love dinners where everyone eats off of the other people’s plates! Here we were at this lovely little French restaurant eating off of each other’s plates like we were at home. But everything was so fantastic-particularly Steve’s duck. Go try it. Get the lamb…and the duck for dessert.

It’s funny how many people in Texas have similar moments from their child hood. As we were sitting there, Kat, Sho and I were discussing getting my kiddo a dress for Kat’s wedding. The problem is if I suggest, purchase, point out, or even pause by a dress, Claire will declare it terrible. Frankly, I think I have pretty good taste, but at this point in her 12 year old life, I am a fashion idiot. Case in point, the other night when we were heading out to the 80’s club, Claire had a friend over-Lily. I was wearing jeans and a black tshirt. I mean we were going to a nasty club, how can you go wrong with jeans and a black tshirt.

As I paused in front of the mirror, Claire just stared at me. But Lily couldn’t stop herself from saying

“Are you wearing THAT?????”

Claire shushed her but the message was loud an clear. Um, Mrs. Parmer…you look like an idiot.

So, I was trying to convince Kat and Sho to take Claire to get the dress since I am clearly too stupid to know what is fashionable. (shoulder pads…leg warmers….vests?) We discovered that all three of us at one time had been taken by our grandmothers/mothers to Neiman Marcus in Dallas for lunch. Little white gloves, pop overs, coffee cake, and tea!

See that is a peculiarly Texas experience, I think. I meant the store is everywhere, but the restaurant and the idea of shopping for something special with your mom and grandmother and having lunch at Neimans? Very cool.

I miss my grandmother almost every day. But, I have so many fantastic memories of her- I know I’m lucky. I think I’ll buy Claire, Kat and Sho some little white gloves before they go shopping. Just for old times’ sake.


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