Crossfit…drink the koolaid

So, Sho’s big mantra is “you need to strength train in the off season-don’t become a cardio whore!” And truthfully, she is right. It is so EASY to get addicted to those long bikes and runs (the swims…not so much), especially when you hate lifting weights as much as I do. Man do I hate lifting weights.

The difference is apparent. In fact, to my triathlon junkie friends out there, I would say this, the reason I can bike with strength is because that mean woman MAKES me strength train. And, it has been interesting watching all the tri people come to Sho’s gym and start Crossfit with Shawna or David. Because it’s fucking terrible.

No, seriously. You look at the workouts and you think “hmm, that’s less than fifteen minutes. I did an Ironman. I can do that.” Yeah, maybe not. For example, we did “Fran” the other day. David was explaining to me (David is my Xfit guru…he explains stuff to me all the time. Mostly I tune him out and stare at his crossfit shoes- which he swears make you better at crossfit.) Anyway, David was explaining to me the “Fran” is one of the Crossfit workout regimes they use to evaluate where they are. It sucks.

21-15-9 Thrusters and pull ups.

So you do 21 Thrusters with 65 or 95 lbs…then 21 pullups…then 15 of each and then nine of each. Get it?

Oh, and did I mention you are working against the clock? And did I mention that David, who maybe needs to work on his “how to encourage Betsy to do a workout” skills then said “It’s the only workout I’ve ever thrown up during.”

Hmmm. Ripped twenty six year old guy throws up….HELL YEAH!!!! Bring on some Fran.

Ok, so anyway. Apparently, the uber studly crossfit people can do Fran in like three minutes and change. Betsy…11.04 and I almost threw up. Especially when I was on the nine sets, and my good friend David- the crossfit shoe wearing crossfit guru- told me my last one didn’t count cause I didn’t go all the way down. I refrained from saying “No man’s ever said that to me before” and simply did an extra Thruster. Mostly cause my sarcasm was sublimated to my desire to puke. So no you know how to shut me up.

The next day I suffered through a Shag Fit workout-which is Sho’s version of crossfit. My good friend Sammy came to workout with me. He is likewise a young stud and I did everything I could to entice he and David into a crossfit “Fran” competition right there at the gym. But the big wusses had done 100 Clean and somethings….blah blah blah. So, it was a no go. What is the point of them being there if I can’t make them compete at crossfit for my entertainment. 🙂

Anyway, since he felt so badly that he refused to crossfit on my command, David and Sho posed for this picture…yowzy

That is freaking amazing, right. You should try to Shag it out a little. Maybe David will do a handstand for you too.

Brutal. I hate weights.


2 thoughts on “Crossfit…drink the koolaid

  1. You just crack my shit up! You nailed it…. though in the mornings, I along with my 5:30 am peeps just stare at the WOD like one would a refrigerator with hopes something yummy to miraculously appear or for the burpees to disappear! You are my hero and I think of you as i prep for my 13.1…. Fuck, Betsy did the IRONMAN why the hell am I complaining… Also, agreeing with your trainer is not something one likes to brag about but Shawna’s damn strength training made this 13.1 possible! Love you both and Kat too! See you at the start line!

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