Little Carla

My little friend Carla will be doing her first half marathon in New Orleans when we do the full at the end of February. I love Carla. First of all, she has to be one of the kindest people I’ve ever met. Second, she is borderline crazy cat lady. That’s right, one of THOSE. She loves her some Kitties.

Anyway, Carla is sort of following the same path I did with Shawna. Strength training heads to endurance training heads to racing. It’s like watching a younger version of myself live it all over again. (although technically Carla is NOT chunky, I am giving her the moniker out of respect.)

She has been so excited for her first half- spending two and three hours training on the dread mill. I have no doubt, having run New Orleans twice previously, that she will finish right at eleven minute miles and have a fantastic time doing it. (I really don’t want to talk about the marathon, as I have had a hard time getting my partners out for the long runs, and when we do-“run” is really a misnomer. WHATEVER, we are so stubborn and fun, we will work it out even if we have to do the last six miles Gangnam style.–HEY SEXY LADIES)

So anyway, yesterday on Facebook, Carla announces she will do an Ironman in 2014. Keep in mind my eager little beaver has not done a sprint tri!!! I love that enthusiasm! And, I have no doubt that Carla will do an Ironman if she puts her mind to it.

You know, one of the funny things about when I signed up for my Ironman, having already done numerous sprint and Olympic distance races, was that my friend Jack said to Sho, right in front of me, that he didn’t think I should do it because I should do more halfs. Sho just looked at him and said “she’ll be fine.”

So Carla here we go. You will knock this half marathon out. Then we will sign you up for some sprints and perhaps a full marathon. And I have no doubt you will be doing that IM if you want it. You have already shown me you have the drive and commitment. Now, just follow Sho’s advice. Maybe I’ll do it with you.

Anyone else out there want to start the journey.

New Orleans or bust baby!


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