Slug check in…

I am a slug. Three crossfits and one long run last week, and I’m supposed to do NOLA marathon this weekend. Nice. That should be sooooo fun. I told Sho that I’m packing money and if it sucks too badly, I’m taking a cab to Mulattes and getting a muffaletta. I meant that, too.

So, the other day in Court, one of my favorite judges told me I shouldn’t post so much stuff about partying, cause it makes me look like a drunk. Hmmm. Well, the truth is I don’t really drink that much. Most of my bragging is designed to entertain, not to accurately reflect my lifestyle. Also, please note that Tito’s is a sponsor, so I can’t really adovocate prohibtionistic ways on this blog, now can I. Besides, periodically when I least expect it, this happens. oops

See, that was not planned. I had planned to cook lamb chops at my house and hang there. Then suddenly Claire had plans, and I was alone. So, we ended up at Oscars. But first we went to Walgreens and bought espresso double shots. Have you ever walked into a bar with your own mixer? I have. See when we were in Vegas, we went to a restaurant at the Palms which served this fantastic espresso/vodka shots. We tried our best to imitate them, and these were pretty good. It’s not completely the same however. Regardless, getting up at 4:30 a.m. for Frost You Fanny Duathlon the next day was terrible! But, I managed to pull myself out of bed, grab Shawna and head to the Texas Motor Speedway.

OK, look it is called Frost Your Fanny, after all, so you can expect it to be cold, right? And it was a little chilly. But some people are masochists. Some guy did the whole Run/bike/run in a speedo!!! Really? Man, that is ballsy! (no seriously, it was ballsy….all over the place). Some guys race in Speedos in Triathlon- which I get cause of the swim. But I just didn’t get that??? Cause it was cold. And…well, let’s just say it was cold and no records were broken physically or visually. Cause it was cold.

Anyway, just to prove I’m not a sot, here is another picture from Oscars, same night. oopstwo

So, see, a lot of what I do is simply for entertainment purposes. A friend told me when I was protesting that my blog would keep me from ever running for office “Betsy, people want elected officials who are inspirational, kind, intelligent and open. And your blog shows you to be just that.”

I love him! But, maybe the first picture was not such a good idea.


2 thoughts on “Slug check in…

  1. Just make sure Terri and I get invited to the inauguration. We promise to behave better than Andrew Jackson’s homies at the White House.

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