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I miss Stacey. Stacey went to San Francisco for her vacation. In celebration, she set all the most difficult and emotional cases for hearing while she was gone. She also put an auto respond on her account that referred everyone to the wrong email address- which actually was a pretty good deal, cause if I don’t respond, I can blame it on her. Anyway, I asked Claire to come up here and answer the phone. So yesterday, when I got back from an appointment I said, “Do I have any calls?”

She, very proudly, said,”Yes.” and handed me a list of phone numbers…without names.

I said, “Um, who are these people?”

Claire-“Damn it!”

Me- “Didn’t you get names?”

Claire- “Well…I said ‘Law Office, can I help you?’ told them you weren’t here…and then asked them to leave a number….Damn it!”

You just can’t get good help these days! I think I’ll fire her and take her shopping today instead.

Back soon, just swamped!


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