Easter and Galveston IM 70.3

We had a great Easter this year. There had been some family drama-the result of which was part of the family no longer attends holidays with us. I was a little concerned my mom would be saddened by the day, since Easter has always been one of her favorite holidays. Boy can friends come through.

We had thirty people, including some of my newly “adopted” children and their kids. Over 100 Easter eggs, games, adventure, fun! Even Uncle Rick- Suzie’s new beau- shined- playing hopscotch with the little girls. Did I mention he is a 6 foot 5 cowboy with a hilarious sense of humor and a freakishly phenomenal hopscotch talent? It was so much fun! My mom grinned from ear to ear all day. Way to go world!

OK, back to racing. The Galveston Half IM is this weekend. And, like last year, I agreed to relay with Shawna and Jack. Here’s the problem- I haven’t really swam distance since IM in November. I mean I’ve trucked it back and forth across a pool a couple of time- but I haven’t been to Benbrook. Meh- who am I kidding. I’ll probably have my best swim to date. Everyone I talk to has the same “I hadn’t swam in six years…and then I had my best swim ever” story. Plus, there is the simple joy of getting into that wet suit again. Sigh. Oh well, strangely, I’ve actually lost weight since Ironman. So, chubby baby seal look, here I come.

Oh yeah! and Shawna wounded her foot running in non Newtons at the New Orleans marathon. So, between the two of us, I’m sure we will podium for Team Ironhead. Go Team. I can hear Jack’s encouraging words now…

For me when I get out of the water- “I thought they had sent you to the emergency room it took you so long.”

And for Shawna, on the run- “What are you exchanging recipes out there…”

And for Ester from me and Shawna – “We don’t know what happened to Jack…One minute he was there, one minute sharks were circling a buoy in the bay…:)

Go get em Ironhead members. And to my newly pro friend Patrick Schuster…make us old people proud.


One thought on “Easter and Galveston IM 70.3

  1. Easter was a BLAST!!!! Uncle Rick’s Hopscotch Party RULED!!!! Thank you for always including me in your family. I love you all!

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