Claire Bear

My daughter is only moderately obsessed with the Beatles. Frankly as a forty something, late starter parent, I am encouraged by her obsession with a REALLY REALLY good band. But, I’ve also been slightly concerned.

Let’s start with her entire room is COVERED with John Lennon posters. She also has a life size John Lennon cut-out, a framed Abbey Road Album, and numerous self made Beatles tributes executed by both her and her friends. All for a band that ceased to exist almost prior to her mother’s birth! Wow, that is some music staying power.

Also, Claire now knows, probably a mere five months after first discovering the Beatles at Beatles Love in Las Vegas- she now knows the lyrics to virtually every Beatles song. Crazy right? It was like one day I was censoring her as she spouted entire Nikki Minaj dialogues of banality, and two days later she was singing “Yesterday.”

She writes hate mail to One Direction and Justin Beiber. Stuff like, Dear Justin Beiber- You are terrible. Go away. You will never be as good as the Beatles. That’s when I start getting concerned. She had a Beatles cake for her birthday. And then, the other day I got this text.

“Mom, um, I mean, it would be terrible if I never got to see Paul McCartney live. This could be my last chance. I’m just saying.”

Paul McCartney? Really? Well, what can I say? She’d already missed both Lennon and Harrison. And really, Sir Paul has contributed quite a bit to the betterment of my child in that she is no longer singing about drugs, vaginas or getting hammered. So, I went to stubhub and bought two tickets to the McCartney second show in Austin, Texas. Not the greatest seats, but still how bad can it be at the Erwin Center.

Then, I posted the receipt on her Facebook and waited. It didn’t take long. She went WILD! How great is that! When I think what I would have paid to get to see Muddy Waters live, I think $300 is a pretty fair deal for making dreams come true.

So go get em, Claire Bear. And maybe someday YOUR music will move generations of listeners. Cause that’s what it’s all about.


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