OK, after 45 years on this planet, I think I have an enemy. Can you imagine? Feels kind of awkward, cause I’m generally the kind of person who gets along with everyone. Family disturbances aside, of course. But, yep, I have lost a friend. It’s official.

For a person like me- a people pleaser- this is a very difficult situation. I mean everyone LOVES Betsy! How can you not? I’m funny, self deprecating, genuine, and mostly- I hate it when people don’t like me. No seriously, that’s the truth! My mind is really having a difficult time wrapping itself around this. What? You mean you don’t LIKE me? We can’t even be friends?


There are only two ways to proceed. I can continue to try to help this person behind the scenes anyway and, basically, be myself-not judge, not respond, not hate…just continue with my unabashedly sunny disposition. And hope that they ultimately get that I am amazing! Or, I can blow the whole thing off and focus on my friends who get me. Hmm.

To friend stalk or not to friend stalk? Difficult.

Sigh. OK, you win. I officially recognize that I can’t be loved by 100% of the population and that you don’t want to be my…….gulp….friend.


Ha. I’m not that easy. Why? Cause my tag line is “EVERYONE LOVES BETSY”- not “Almost everyone loves Betsy.” And you WILL BE MY FRIEND-even if I have to KILLLLLLLLL YOOOOOOOUUUU WITH THIS GIANT KNIFFFFFEEEEEEE. (too much?) Ok Ok…I give in-not friends. But the knife option was good, right. I mean that’s normal.

Have a great weekend Fort Party Worth! And love to my FRIENDS! 🙂


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