Screw you fast people!!!

I’m gonna bitch and moan for just a minute here. There is this fantastic celebrity chef here in Fort Worth. No, not Tim Love, the nice accessible one. Anyway, he is just now getting into triathlon and he is throwing down swim, bike, and run times that I will never be able to match. UGH! That is so frustrating. I mean here I am- training virtually not at all…drinking too much…and pretty much eating what I want, and I can’t for the life of me get any faster!!! That doesn’t make sense?

Just kidding. I think we all know that I am in this sport for the fun of it- the finish as I say. But some people getting into it-even in their waning years- are just freaking fast. Assholes. You know what, you aren’t impressing anyone. Slow down. Jeez, over achievers.

This Sunday I “ran” 10 with Kat and Carla. I put the quotes around “ran” because Katherine whined the whole way until I gave in and let her walk. Katherine and I have a great running relationship. We have the Katherine/Betsy rule- where if either one of us wants to walk, we walk. It’s worked out great for us. But on Sunday, I just wanted to get it over with, so I prodded and nagged. I’ve used this form of encouragement before, and it usually ends with Kat getting mad and sprinting at like eight minute miles until I am so out of breath I shut up. Not this time. We chugged along at an agreeable pace while Carla ran ahead of us.

Finally I looked at Kat and said “Oh great, Carla is smoking our asses.” So we sprinted a good mile and caught her before the end, which was refreshing. I feel I can say that cause Carla said,”What did ya’ll say we can’t let Carla beat us?” To which I replied “pretty much word for word…” Good sports aren’t we?

Oh well, as Shawna always says, just get the miles in. Case in point, here we are (me, kat and shawna) slamming some martinis at mile 16 of the NOLA marathon. See, it’s all about the training. IM Texas is just around the corner guys. Let me know at what mile you want the martinis located. martinie


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