12 miles…it’s happening again…

I just returned from a gorgeous trip to the Turks and Caicos where we celebrated my running partner Kat’s wedding. Wow, the Turks really are beautiful- kind of like Nassau used to be before they built the Atlantis resort. We flew out in some terrible weather (which you all know I hate)- it was incredibly bumpy the whole way, which forced me to drink several tiny little vodkas until I was sufficiently numb to no longer care. We were late into Miami, but fortunately there were 33 of us on the plane- so American held the Turks flight rather than having to rebook us all. That was awesome.

We stayed at a place called the Seven Stars Resort. I procrastinated so long in booking that all that was left was a 2200 square foot two bedroom suite – which I referred to as “Mick Jagger’s Suite” for the entire trip. I told Claire “Look, you are staying in Mick Jagger’s Suite, so I don’t want to hear ONE complaint the WHOLE TIME.” And she didn’t. We chartered a boat and snorkeled the reef, dove for conch- which they made into ceviche for us on the boat- just pretty amazing. Claire and I were both bridesmaids (please see previous reference to world’s oldest bridesmaid) and Katherine looked like she literally stepped out of the Bride’s Magazine shoot. Gorgeous. Keith prancersized down the aisle, which was my special request. It was pretty much perfect. bridesmaids

Yep, there we are with matching updos. Awesome. My favorite part of the trip was when they took the “rugby” picture with all the players and former players- which Keith insisted I be in, having played rugby at Yale. It was me and a bunch of GIANT guys. Although I was in the back line in college, I played hooker (which seemed perfect both size and metaphor wise). It was the first time I was in a scrum and I was the smallest person. Can’t wait to see that TERRIBLE picture.

Anyway, home to the Fort and to continue my efforts at not getting blubbery again. My DAD found a swim relay and we are ALL IN. It’s a 12 mile swim on Lake Travis. You have six swimmers (3 boys and 3 girls) and you swim in intervals until the race is complete. You have a pontoon boat that follows you and a kayaker (shawna). So when Dad said he wanted to do it, I was so psyched. My dad, as you may recall from Ironman training posts, was a competitive swimmer at Yale. Now he is 73 and has picked up open water training for this swim.

As I am want to do, I have ringered the team into submission. Pretty much dad and I could tread water on our intervals- we have Stacy (Ironman swim 54 minutes) and her Dad (Ironman swim 1:30 something) Nicole (remember of the webbed feet and 27 mintue half ironman swim relay) and her substituted dad who is a former Olympian. And the Parmers. The thing is the teams are segregated by age group- which is the aggregate of your ages and we are in the oldest group. SWEEEEEEET!!!! This is gonna be awesome. I am actually considering swimming backward to see how much distance Stacy and Nicole can make up during their swims.

The other thing is you can get a boat that holds 24 people, so your friends can drink and mock you for entering such a ridiculous race. Sounds perfect, right? Swimming a ridiculous distance with drunk people harassing you from a party boat.

So, for Father’s Day, I got my dad some open water goggles and a flashy speedo. Thing is I didn’t even look at the name of the suit until I ordered it. Turns out its called “Speedo- The mighty python.” Seriously.

All my mom said was “perfect.”

The Mighty Python and I will begin open water training next week. Race is in October. See you at the lake.


10 thoughts on “12 miles…it’s happening again…

  1. I hope there’s going to be a videographer on the boat or maybe we need another boat for all the fools (I’m included here 🙂 ) who want to witness this adventure??

  2. I volunteer as party boat cruise director/coordinator. We are gonna need a DJ, Bartender, decorations, margarita machine, little drink umbrellas………………….

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