So, during my birthday week bender, I participated in several Betsy-centric events. Happy hours, lunches, parties, and ultimately the BEST BIRTHDAY PARTY ever! Hosted by a myriad of friends which included a black and white themed cocktail party with delicious food and beverages, where everyone wore black and white-except for the birthday girl…i.e. me! I wore a beautiful emerald green dress picked out by the chief party planner in order to be the “splash of color” at the party.

It really was creative and beautiful. Add to that I rode to the party in a rolls, enjoyed Dom Perignon in advance, and just generally had a fantastic time. I even had my hair and makeup done by a guy who I instructed “I want to look like a cross between a drag queen and Mrs. Robinson…” I’ll let you be the judge…Personally I think you should always have a drag queen do your hair and makeup. I mean look at that? If I was Dean Wormer’s wife, you would totally do me in the frat house. šŸ™‚ Every guy I know apparently has a 1960’s hot cougar fetish. I think it’s cat woman’s

Anyway, my friends got me a beautiful set of Ping golf clubs and a $200 gift certificate to a golf store. What a bunch of sweethearts!

So the next week I had to relinquish my birthday title to another friend of mine. Here is where the soap box begins, so bail now if you aren’t into it. So I have this friend who is equally chunky at heart. She came to IM Arizona when I raced and I, in turn, am going to sherpa her fine voluptuous ass this year. She is a teacher in a local to-remain-nameless- ISD. Several months ago- on the job- she is breaking up a fight and injures her foot- which requires surgery. Regardless, she is still planning on doing the race. SOOOO she asks for days off to coincide with the race. Well, the ISD give her three- which they are required to under their policy. But the FOURTH day is subject to approval. In the past, under previous superintendents, these days were regularly approved. NOW, however, there are new “policies” which give four specific reasons why they can be approved. OK, that’s fine. So they are going to DOCK her pay for doing the race. Here’s my problem…

All four “reasons” which can be approved PRESUME you have children or family. (graduation, first day of college yada yada yada) What the hell? The ISD is punishing people for not having children, essentially. Because in effect they are saying- well if you don’t have kids you will never get a day approved. And that, frankly, is BULLSHIT.

This lady is a committed teacher and educator who DONATES her off time to extracurricular activities for the kids- stuff she is not REQUIRED to do. She brought a whole group out to meet me during my tri training and the height of CGT as a blog. She uses her own money for supplies. And YET, the ISD is effectively treating her as less important than people with kids. Look, I know that was not their intent, but that’s the effect of their policy.

Give her the darn day off, for goodness sake…What is she teaching these kids by being a chunky girl doing an ironman? That they are capable of doing ANYTHING no matter how impossible it seems.

It really ticks this big girl off. ERGO, CGT will help sponsor this fine lady to prevent her from losing a days wages. I am respectfully requesting my sponsors consider kicking in to. She will be wearing my kit-which is your kit. Come on folks!!!

They all preach at costly convocations about how important teachers are…frankly words are cheap. Let this woman race, damnit.


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