Barre…with an e

So my sweet friend Kat asked me to join Terri and her for Barre this morning at 6. She even offered to pick me up. How could I possibly refuse? Well, I could have but Shawna was gone to Austin- which meant if I walked six at the gym it would have been with the incredibly, ridiculously fit Talon coaching, doubtlessly thinking in his head something like “I knew that old broad would end up walking…”

Then I’d have to explain how I hurt my back playing golf again, which would make me look even older. It’s just a slippery old slope I don’t want to tread upon. Also, I love some Katherine so if I can make her happy by doing Barre (you know like a ballet barre…not a bar- which I do voluntarily all the time) I’m gonna.

At 5:45 she picks me up and we head over the the barre class near my home. My friend Terri and her sweet daughter Courtney were there, which made it even better. Then, Kat gives me my Barre sock- apparently there are socks you have to have. Thank goodness, cause I never wear socks. And away we go.

So we go into the small, carpetted and mirrored room with barres against ll four walls. There is blaring techno music…at six am.

And sweet Kat says “Aren’t you soooo excited?”

And surly Betsy says, “I could do without the techno…” and then growls in her black running tights and her over sized Total Nutrition tshirt. Everyone else looks adorable, of course.

So the class begins. I will say it’s not easy. It’s essentially isometrics, limited movement repetitious low weight work with some yoga and a barre. You definitely get a burn. The down side is the MUSIC….oh my gosh. Generally I can tolerate techno after one or one hundred vodka sodas, but at six in the morning. ARGHHHHHH.

There is lots of pumping and flexing, which I do enjoy. And most importantly, at the parts when I could neither pump NOR flex, I could look over and see Katherine’s smiling face. So that was a positive. But, in all honesty, I have to say it wasn’t my thing. My pumping and flexing is done in private, thank you.

Anyway, she and Terri also do hot yoga (not the Bikram kind, the other non corporate free love kind). I think I’ll try that with em next. Because hey, if you can’t pump and flex with your friends, you should pant and sweat. You know?


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