Big Hookah Fun Was Had By All

My sweet friend Sammy took me to get my birthday present on Friday. As you may recall, my friends got me golf clubs for my birthday. But what I didn’t get was a putter. Well, Sammy had been telling me that I was getting a putter since August 17. And on Friday, finally, both of our schedules cleared and we went to the golf store to get my present.

Well first of all, Sammy had to tell me to stop looking at the price tags. I couldn’t!!! Did you know some of those putters were $300!! And he is such a doll, he would have bought me one if I had chosen it. No way. I kept trying to convince him that I loved the 99.00 putter I was holding, but ultimately he handed me this Versa 34 inch beauty, and I sank a long putt on the practice green in the store…looked at him a little embarrassed and said “I want this one.” Ahem. So much for trying to do the right thing. Let’s just say it wasn’t $300 but it was CHEAP either. Oh my gosh, I LOVE that thing.

Anyway, so then we were going to dinner. Sammy is Egyptian/American…so I thought hey, back to your roots! We decided to go to Byblos for Lebanese food, belly dancers, and hookah. sam and dancerHuh? The food was FANTASTIC…and Sammy, who happens to be all Total Nutrition uber fit guy- who once said to me “I’m never eating fried food again” with his 4% body fat…that guy sits down, gets his meal, looks at the waitress and says “Yeah, we are going to need more rice.” (by the way he was photographed by me eating a Monte Christo sandwich at a later date…so you know, that Total Nutrition stuff must work)

More rice…? I didn’t even know he ATE rice! But, never argue with a hungry Egyptian. More rice it was. Man, we ATE a ton of deliciousness. And my sweet friend Carla joined us. Several cocktails for us girls later, we all mutually agree to Hookah- which I have never done before.

First of all, hookah is weird. There was no tobacco, but it definitely gives you a head rush. We puffed away while the other men in the room looked judgmentally at us. Meh, not the first time. Anyway, we laughed and the ladies drank and Carla was quite adept at the old Belly dancing, I must say. So, all in all what a GREAT NIGHT. hookah love

The next day, I had Sammy’s little girl while he played a golf tournament. It was a blast. She is adorable. I was kind of sad about some personal stuff, but it is virtually impossible to be sad around her. She just made me smile and laugh all day. I ended my weekend with a round of golf with Pat, Steve, and John…and they were so sweet. They all complemented me on my improvement, even though my drives were sucking wind…the short games was definitely coming along. AND I sunk a 35 foot Tiger Woods worthy putt with my sexy Versa putter. What a great day! There is nothing like friends to make you FEEL BETTER. I even played with this golf ball in hopes of winning my bet on the Texas/OU game this weekend. Yeah, I bet on it…I have a $50 dollar bet with a bailiff that OU won’t break 60. sigh…gold ball


2 thoughts on “Big Hookah Fun Was Had By All

  1. Yeah, I wouldn’t recommend developing a Hooka Habit! It has a TON of tabacco! My sister-in-law told me it is like smoking 20 cigerettes as one time which would explain the head rush!

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