Saturday Football Blog

The P90 three got Shawna and me tickets for the much anticipated TCU Texas game. A word: I went to Texas for Law School, and many of my UT friends assure me that I am not REALLY a longhorn, having only attended graduate school at the University. I’m pretty sure the alumnae association- which contacts me every seven hours soliciting money, would be surprised to hear that. In my defense, it’s not like I can watch the Yale football team every week on cable? So I’m kind of stuck.

Anyway, I had been subjected to the numerous “TCU is going to CRUSH Texas” comments from my thousands of TCU grad friends here in Fort Worth over the last couple of months. And frankly, until the OU game, I was fairly convinced they were correct. Those purple and black uniforms are SCARY. And I never like horned frogs, my older brother having thrown one at me in elementary school (it peed on me). So I didn’t have a lot of hope.

To be honest, I really didn’t mind too much. After all, I am a lifelong Fort Worthian- and grew up going to TCU games. But I am NOT a fair weather fan, so Shawna got me a rocking UT shirt and I had my fact painted-giving a small nod to my home town- and went to the big P90 three tailgate to rip it up with the gang.abc2

Surprisingly, the stadium was about 60/40 purple to orange. Even the tailgate had some longhorn fans, so I didn’t stand out too badly. We ate some railhead barbeque and drank some vodka (Grey Goose for a change) and headed into the new TCU stadium to watch what should have been a close game.


Well, let’s just say the longhorns were pretty dominant and I’m not exactly quiet. Before the end of the second quarter, the refs called a delay the game for lightening. Shawna and I were going to get some food (she did a tough mudder that morning) and then head back to the tail gate. But by the time we had achieved some grub, the sky opened up and it rained like HELL for three hours. There was no way we could have made it to the tailgate-although I understand it turned into a big Animal House/gatoring dance party in our absence. Way to go P90 three….Old

Well, I managed to badger our friend Steve into sneaking us into a luxury suite, where we had access to both vodka AND food. Man those things are SWANKY!! about an hour into the delay they were handing out purple icecream and cookies…WHAT???? That is totally worth a million dollars.

So we watched the rain in palatial luxury and even met some celebrities. One guys was this amazing double amputee war hero- brimming with sarcasm and conservative dogma (one I like, the other…) Anyway, captain awkward here opens up with

Me: She has a three legged dog.

Wow, vodka…not so friendly. Fortunately, he was a cool guy and jumped right in laughing out loud. He had an awesome service dog who was totally spoiled and apparently didn’t know he was in service-having given all of his training up in favor of petting and cookies.

The rain passed and the game resumed. As you presumable already know, Texas won 30-7. But unlike my OU friends, I did not berate my TCU peeps for days, even weeks, after. Basically, TCU alums are in a very similar situation. Building. And you just gotta respect that and ultimately Fear the Frog.

Finally we meandered our way to the parking lot, caught a ride and headed home- to watch the rest of the game. The next morning it was up bright and early for some crossfit and some home made chili.

Not bad at all. Cept for that Cowboy game…sigh.


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