Orchestral musings…

Last night was Claire’s first orchestra concert. My little orchestra nerd (her words, not mine). When she signed up for orchestra this year, one of her friends promptly told her how terrible it was and how much she would hate it. Thanks kiddo! She was all poised to withdraw and change electives, when her orchestra teacher asked her what kind of music she liked and she said- shocking I know- the Beatles, particularly Paul McCartney. The teacher then replied, “You know, Paul McCartney plays bass. You could play bass and it’s just like an electric bass.”

Good teacher, right!

So began the Claire Hinkle, orchestra nerd and future fantastic bass player extravaganza. Her father, who has been trying to force feed her guitar and piano (oh please don’t deny this James Edward) is so pleased he is about to pop. Although he can’t refrain from saying “you know, bass is a nice start for guitar” every now and then. Claire just looks at him.

Anyway, last night I found myself at the Ridglea Hill Methodist Church listening to my kiddo thump those bass notes in perfect unison with her middle school orchestra! Pretty groovy.

What was even cooler was all the wild fantasy images I had during the concert of Claire alternately slapping away at a stand up in boots and a retro fifties dress with a wild rockabilly band and playing a dramatic and beautiful bass solo with the Fort Worth Orchestra. Wow, I am one of those moms, aren’t I?claire orch

Well what the hell. The kid is pretty awesome. She has been slightly grounded for the last three weeks, and frankly she has handled it like a champ. The other day she even said, “Mom, when I get my phone back, can you limit how much time I can spend on it at night. I’ve been getting so much more done.” What the hell? At first I thought it was a brilliant psychological maneuver to get me to end the grounding faster, but now I sort of believe it. She’s plowed through Catcher in the Rye, A Time to Kill, and The Ocean at the End of the Lane. She’s written a book report that’s not due til next six weeks. She’s done all of her work, maintained a spotless room, and been a general pleasure to be around. Huh, go figure…kids do want limits.

Anyway, here she is. Pretty cute right?claire bass


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