A Halloween Tale

This morning, as per my usual habit, I went into Claire’s room to wake her for school. She stayed home yesterday. She wasn’t feeling well. I put that off to the fact that she had been out of town with a sick friend of ours, and had somehow contracted the virus. Just a childhood disease, right? If only that had been the case.

“Wake up, babe,” I chimed in my usual happy tones.

Unfortunately for Claire, her mother is a morning person. She growled at me as she usually does, from deep within the cave that is her covers. Was it just me, or was that growl a little more gutturall this morning? Oh well, that’s probably just the congestion from her cold.

I gently prodded her through the covers.

“There is a cinnamon roll out here for you.”

I left the room, meaning to head the the kitchen. I realized I’d left my phone on her night stand, so I wheeled and reopened the door. The cinnamon roll was GONE!!! It hadn’t even be two seconds. I looked around for Sophie, Claire’s dog, thinking she must have gotten it. But Sophie wasn’t in the room either.

I could have sworn that dog was sleeping at the end of Claire’s bed just seconds before.

With no hesitation, I pulled the covers back and turned on the light. Claire was laying on the bed with her eyes closed.

“Come on, kiddon, let’s get going. It’s Halloween.”

“Ok,” she muttered rolling over to look at me.”

“Good lord child,” I exclaimed laughing. “That’s the biggest pimple I’ve ever seen in my entire life.”

Peaking on her chin was what could only be described as the Mount Ranier of adolescent pimples! It was a full three stories high and bright red and swollen.

“I know.”

“We are going to have to pop that thing, honey. That’s is disgusting.” It was the only answer.

Claire cried out in protest, “No!!! it will hurt!”

“I know, but you will feel so much better after.”

I fetched the needle, alcohol, neosporin and some matches prepping for the grotesque surgery ahead. She laid down with her head in my lap.

“Are you ready?” I asked.

“Go for it.” she bravely replied.

One small prick was all it took. The monster burst in a flow of green puss, blood and clear liquid. It was disgusting!!!

“There,” I said wiping the spot with alcohol. Don’t you feel better.

Before she could even reply, I felt something flutter under the cotten swab in my hand. When I pick it up, I gagged with revulsion.

A tiny eyeball was staring up at me. Blinking as clearly as I speak to you now.

In a voice not her own, Claire replied, “Yes, I can see things clearly now human.”

Imagine my horror as I saw two pimples form on either side of the first.

I ran from the room.

I’m writing this now from my office. I have to tell you that small pimple like bumps are forming on my hands where I came in contact with the original. It’s only a matter of time until I too see things “clearly.”

People of earth, beware.

Happy Halloween.

OK, bu the pimple part was true and it was NASTY.


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