Lord help me…

Well, as you know I don’t exactly post regularly, now that I am no longer training. That may change here soon. For Christmas, I got my 74 year old father an entry into the Memorial Hermann Half Ironman as a relay. Yep, what a terrible child.

Merry Christmas Dad! Here’s a wetsuit and BTW you have to swim 1.2 miles. Have some more pie.

Seriously though, I know he is going to rock the swim, and Shawna and I will follow with the bike and run-I think you all know I’m NOT running. I can’t imagine anything better than seeing my father register as an Ironman athlete. Cool.

But again, I digress. I am really here today to post about the most successful thing I have ever done in my life. My beautiful daughter Claire.

Tomorrow, Claire Hinkle will turn 13. Wow! What an amazing, magical, horrible and tragic time in a young woman’s life. First of all, your body and appearance have completely changed. You may remember my slightly chubby daughter’s body image concerns from a very early post. Yeah, not so much. In the past six months this has happened. seriouslyWhat the hell kind of joke is that?

She is absolutely beautiful. But m ore importantly, she is pretty amazing. Let us all be honest, Middle School can be the most horrible period of any young woman’s life. Girls are MEAN in middle school. And, frankly, Claire’s school is no exception. But remarkably (and I don’t know how we did this) my kid is immune to the Machiavellian intrigues of most of her contemporaries. That is to say, if she is not singing, playing bass to Beatles songs, or in her room listening to music- she is spending little if any time being concerned with what other people think about her. She is kind, open, and self assured. She is a self proclaimed “geek” and a protector of kids who are weaker than she and those who are vulnerable to bullying. She proudly wears her pride bracelet-given to her by her “other parents” Sarah and Caren. She compares all exercise regimes to Shawna’s- and they never come out on top. She has her godmother’s hilarious sense of humor. She knows when she has hurt someone and does everything she can to make it right. In short, she has taken all the best from her parents and the village around her and made it part of who she is.

And, even though I may be the official grade nazi of the group, I want to publically state that I couldn’t be more proud of her if I tried. I couldn’t love her more if she was covered with $100 bills. I couldn’t value her company and opinion more if she was dipped in chocolate.

She’s practically perfect. She’s my teenager.

Love you Claire Bear.


2 thoughts on “Lord help me…

  1. yes. yes. yes. i concur. you are a lucky mother and she’s a lucky girl. . . well, luck has SOMETHING to do with it but really. . . you guys are a beautiful family. I’m lucky to bear witness. ❤ love love love!!!!

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