Greatest ten ever…

So Saturday I ran ten miles with Katherine. My running group was going Sunday, but I scheduled a round of really poor golf with some friends, so we worked in a long run on Saturday instead.

I love Katherine, and I hadn’t been able to see her much. Recently, she’d been spending more time doing hot yoga and barre class than running. She also managed to get herself enrolled at TCU and nurse her love muffin after his elbow surgery- all while working a full time job-wait two jobs.

Anyway, Katherine and I have the Betsy/Katherine rule. If either one of us wants to walk, we do- no complaints. So, since Kat hadn’t been running, we decided we’d do 10 miles. Makes perfect sense, right? Cause we are smarties who simply go out and “do” ten with no training. We agreed to employ the old run for a song, walk for a song method to get us through. Frankly, I didn’t mind. I had six 13 year old girls coming to the house for a sleep over that night, and I didn’t really want to be exhausted.

I have to say I had a blast. Katherine and I have an innate ability to entertain ourselves for long periods of time. We laughed, bitched, danced with each other (oh yeah, to Frank Sinatra at mile eight), told stories, mocked some teenagers who were trying to mock us ( take that you brats) and ended at the food court for a beer. The weather was absolutely beautiful and I had a fantastic time.

Later that evening, I dropped the girls at “Ron Burgundy” and the mall. I’m not really sure what went on in that room, but the next day the entire floor was covered in toilet paper. It seems they wrapped themselves? Not exactly how I remember it, but hey- better than getting arrested.

The next day I went to play split rail and had what can only be described as the worst day of golf in the history of the sport.  I dug so many holes, I might as well have been playing with a gardening shovel. Add to that the wind was OUTRAGEOUS! If you are a golfer, I think you know what I mean. I ended up back at the house with my family and my friend Sammy watching the football games- which turned into a vodka laden hilarious drunk fest. And all I could think was- wow- that ten joyful miles really set the tone for this weekend.

So thanks Katherine. Let’s do it again soon. kat and betsy


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