I’m going to be brutally honest here. I don’t dress like an attorney. I wear what I like- try to look presentable and fashionable at the same time. Sometimes, however, I think my fashion choices are outside the parameters of the general legal community’s concept of acceptable.

Case in point…when I was full on Ironman training- I wore a lot of sleeveless dresses. First, I had generally done between 4-6 hours of cardio that morning in advance of court- so my metabolism was smoking, which in turn made me hot all the time. Second, for the first and perhaps only time in my life I did NOT have lunch lady arms, so I was all about showing them. And finally, I am perimenopausel so, you know, I’m freaking HOT all the time in the summer. To this day, two female attorneys and one judge still remark about me and “wearing sleeves.” So there you go ladies…explanation complete.

Then today, I wore what I consider to be quite a lovely emerald green pancho over black pants and black heels. I thought I was styling, but the first thing I got in chambers was “wow, that’s shiny!”

Really? With all the hideously ugly ties and terrible, terrible man cut suits, my pancho was so out of bonds it required a comment. Sigh…

OK, look, I know I am not the most conservatively dressed person at the courthouse. Maybe I show my arms too much. You will never see me in panty hose-ever. I think pantyhose are the devils instrument designed to choke our female parts. And, maybe, every now and then, I wear a very expensive guess motorcycle jacket over my slacks. But does that really merit this much attention? I’m like that kid in high school all the cool kids make fun of. Isn’t it ok to dress with a little respectful individuality?

If I go out today and buy navy suits and little black pumps and hose will people finally like me? Is it time to conform?

Meh, screw it. I gotta be me.


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